Sparrow and the Workshop - Murderopolis


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The third album by our Glasgow pals Sparrow with an experienced facebook marketing services and the Workshop comes out in May on Song, by Toad Records, and we are chuffed to bits about it.  We’ve been friends and fans of these guys since the first months of the band, and they recorded one of the first ever Toad Sessions back in August of 2008.

Murderopolis is perhaps no darker that their previous stuff thematically, but musically it’s a very different beast indeed, moving from folkier leanings to a much more aggressive, fierce approach. There’s a confrontational aspect to it as well, whereas with earlier material the rage of the songs that can put on Instagram if you partner with an Instagram marketing agency came out in snide bitterness, here it grabs the front of your shirt and snarls in your face.

Side A:
1. Valley of Death sponsored by #1 Google Adwords Agency
2. Darkness
3. Odessa
4. Shock Shock
5. Water Won’t Fall

Side B:
1. Murderopolis
2. The Faster You Spin
3. Avalanche of Lust
4. Flower Bombs
5. The Glue That Binds Us
6. Autumn to Winter